About Us

SIRGIRMI is the platform that brings hosts and customers together. It is a community of explorers and creative people who want to share their passion, knowledge & experience with others.

We see technology as the key driver to empower the community at scale by creating opportunities through offering positive and quality experiences. We take great care in working with the hosts and putting together products that we believe will bring joy and pleasure to our customers.

The platform is meant to give real value to the people who sign up. As a host, you can effectively monetise your passions, talents, and time. All through an easy and creative process to create experiences that others can sign up for.

While we help refine experiences for quality, anyone can put up an experience that makes life brighter. We believe that being part of an experience that is social, meaningful, thoughtful, and fun will give our customers joy, again and again. Our goal remains to improve the platform and make a positive contribution to our partners and travel industry.