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Increase Sales

A simple, powerful tool that helps you reach more customers. Through our online platform, our partner websites, mobile apps and other global partner distribution channels, we increase exposure to your product and get you more sales. With a seamless booking process the system is designed to convert traffic to orders.

Wider Audience

Though our main marketing efforts will focus on the local customers, we will soon be expanding to other destinations and target a wider audience for the products uploaded on the platform. Your product will be visible to both domestic and international market and our customer support will handle any inquiries for your product.


Our friendly customer care team provides round-the-clock support to our partners on registration and publishing their products . We handle the technical part so that you can focus on giving customers an amazing experience. You will work with a dedicated account manager which will support and walk you through the system if and when needed.

Get Insights

The platform provides insights on customer needs and intentions which will help you to create or modify your products to increase conversion and increase revenue and get higher customer satisfaction scores. By using personalized recommendation we show how your products are doing when shown to various clusters of customers.

Easy to Use

The platform is designed to provide a simple and natural user experience and its meant to be used by hosts from various backgrounds. Products and Services can be created in minutes and after approval will be up for Sales. There are useful tips and help available throughout the platform to ensure a quick transition from manual to system

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And what’s better than to start using our platform for free*. It will give you a glimpse of the whole workflow and customer experience.

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